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Enjoy your body.

Take your clothes off and look in the mirror.
Love what you see.
Whether you’ve got gorgeous curves, or beautiful smooth-lines. Enjoy it.

Sexual confidence comes from knowing the power of your body, and enjoying it.
You don’t have to look like the models that are shoved down our throats daily. Those models may look beautiful, but so do you.

The media has given women the idea that every guy in the world wants an exact replica of the models we see in advertisements. These women are put out there because they are a ridiculous, fantastical ideal. Most of them are photo-shopped to make them that way. Don’t judge yourself by these unattainable standards that are set.

Love who you are. That’s what your potential partner will find most attractive about you. As a straight woman, I know that a guy with confidence is a turn-on. In my private time, I’ll get-off on beautiful pictures of Ryan Reynolds with his shirt off but I’m not looking for a Ryan Reynolds look-a-like. In the same way, guys are not looking for model look-a-likes. They just want a girl with confidence.

So love your body.
Harness your sexual power. 
Get some. 

Practice safe sex. Use birth control. Use a condom if you don’t know your, or your partner’s sexual health history.